Sunday Conversation

It is a Sunday afternoon here in south Louisiana.  The rain has just fallen and most of my neighbors are enjoying their day in the comfort of their homes.  What am I doing?  Other than typing this post, I’m sitting here thinking about a conversation that I had with a neighbor on yesterday.  It’s amazing how some of the most awesome things can come from the most unexpected places.  I say that because the conversation that I had with my neighbor was quite unusual simply because him and I do not usually have deep conversations like the one on yesterday.

Yesterday evening I took a walk outside to see one one my neighbors fixing his fence.  A storm had recently passed through and knocked a few boards down and he was outside nailing them back up.  I walked over and offered him a hand in repairing the fence but he was just about finished.  While him and I were outside chatting, my neighbor that lives on the other side of me came outside and joined in on the conversation.  I don’t know how, but we managed to go from talking about cutting grass to underage drinking to my goals in life.  Some of the things that he told me excited me because they were things that I was already praying to GOD about.  I guess you can say that was my confirmation.  I went on to tell him about my future goals and what I am trying to grow Batiste Fitness into and he just kept on telling me to keep my eyes on GOD and start hanging with like-minded people.

As I walked back to my garage, an extreme feeling of comfort came over me.  This has happened a few times before when something in my life was confirmed and it always seem to get me riled up.  See, I often wonder whether or not I’m on the right path spiritually and with the goals that I am trying to reach.  When conversations like the one I had yesterday come about, it is reassuring to me and encourages me to continue doing what I am doing.  Those who know me, know that I have come a long way from the Steve Urkel looking guy from high school.  I have grown mentally, physically, and spiritually and while I am still growing in those ways and more, who I am remains the same.

My friends, my message to you is to be encouraged and be true to who you are.  Don’t let other peoples opinion of you change who you are or what you’re trying to do.  Remember that everyone won’t believe in your dream for the simple fact that it is YOUR dream.  Just pray to GOD and have faith and whatever it is will come to you.

Good Evening!!!







About batistefitness

I am an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer. My goals are to help my client reach their ultimate fitness goals and to one day open my own full scale fitness center.
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